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Atiya's Light Publishing provides a platform for works of enduring merit and artistic excellence. We work with young, first-time, and under-represented authors. We also consult with authors establishing their own brand. 
Atiya is an author, speaker, trainer, and founder of The Marriage Tree. She has over 25-years experience in Mass Communications and Education & Development... She has authored several books and a number of self-help articles, essays, and writings dealing with health and wellness, relationships, cultural diversity, and self-empowerment.
Ingram is an award-winning cricket coach, community champion, and life mentor. The founder of BaylorIC Worldwide - TV, he is a born leader and  source of knowledge and strength for others. 
"This Could Be YOU"
YOU are an author with an amazing talent and a phenomenal story to tell. You are now moving in the direction to transform that idea into a tangible, creative work of art, that the world may benefit and become better by your contribution to it. 
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Le Shaundra is a wife and mother who currently live in both Jackson, Mississippi and Champaign-Urbana, Illlinois. Her gifting and writing purpose is to touch the hearts, minds, and souls of others. She enjoys traveling with her husband and family. 
Krystal is a teenage author who was born in Canada but raised on the beautiful island of Grenada. She enjoys all outdoor and recreational activities and has a profound love for science, as she is majoring in Marine Biology. As an outlet for her vivid imagination, she has taken up writing as a hobby.
Saterria Springer Norah is an author, poet and teacher. Seven years ago she founded the Little Gods Academy home school. She has been writing since childhood keeping a diary consistently from then up until even today. She is a faithful mother and wife who currently lives in Wilmington, North Carolina with her family. 
Bishop Jefferson, is an innovative leader and an instrumental asset to the Body of Christ. With his fiery testimony and prophetic gifting, he has influenced a worldwide awakening for truth. He is founder of M.B. Jefferson Ministries, Deeper Life Christian Church, The House of David Help Center, and as Presiding Prelate of World Assemblies Fellowship International; Bishop Jefferson is truly reaching out to the masses and helping to change lives.
Nichole La'Shawn is an ordained wedding minister and coach/consultant. She's been on her personal journey to freedom to become whole, balanced, and more connected to the universe. Her intentional journey to enlightenment began in 2009 when she was awakened by spirit with the thought – “What is my purpose here on Earth?” At the time, she was dealing with emotional, mental, and spiritual blockages in addition to trying to lose weight. In the process, she tuned in to holistic processes and treatments and began a course of study including chiropractic care, detoxing, energy healing, and holistic nutrition, as well as got involved with a book club.